Recruitment process

How ORIZONT RECRUITING researches a professional profile to be inserted in the company?

Stage 1

It is analyzed "on site", with the help of the Human Resources Department or the client's Company Management itself, with particular reference to the objectives and organizational requirements desired, so that the professional profile to be integrated in the company is defined specifically, that is the most suited profile to the reference requirements.

Stage 1

Stage 2

A wide-ranging verification of the factors that influence the selection is performed:
  • Timing (how much time does the company have to find the candidate);
  • Qualitative (which profile, elementary, specialized, inflated role in the market and/or little/much sought after);
  • Budget (how many resources the company can invest in the process).

Stage 3

The recruitment process is started through specially selected channels, such as ads, classified ads in trade journals, internal and external database, alternative sources, web and social networks.

Stage 3

Stage 4

Job interviews are performed by recruiting personnel across the entire Romanian territory through organized meetings.

Stage 5

The candidate’s evaluation is performed through personal interviews, sometimes also conducted upon request at the company site.

Stage 5

Stage 6

The candidates that match the requested requirements are introduced to the business and the client is supported until the eventual hiring of the identified human resource.

Stage 7

Feedback on the service is reviewed in order to ensure a re-examination of the application requirements that have been successful and have found a way to be included in the applicant's company. This way, the database will always be updated, and the objectives will be quantifiable and measurable.

Stage 7

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