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Admin IB Solutions Srl

Admin IB Solutions Srl is a key network of companies strategically distributed on the Romanian and Community market. In fact, the activities of the companies controlled by Admin IB Solutions guarantee essential services to support other companies through the diversification of their commercial and productive activities in fields such as logistics and transport, import/export, construction, agriculture, industry, personal services and or medical assistance, as well as services in hospitality and cruises sector.

Orizont Recruiting Srl

Orizont Recruiting Srl is an agency for selection and recruitment of human resources, authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Labor. It carries out training, services and assistance activities to support Romanian and Communitary companies. Founded to offer guarantees and quality to the job market as the first interlocutor who provides through its database a network of associates in all Europe and non-Eu countries, and employees with specific, professional and expert formation in order to offer valid and strategic solutions to a market in strong evolution and demanding expansion.

Orizont Jobs Srl

Orizont Jobs Srl is a Romanian temporary job agency who operates inside and outside the country. It's duly inscribed in the Romanian Register of Agencies, authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Labor and makes use of Romanian and Eu laws and directives to conclude contracts for its employees, hired for an indefinite period, with companies who need professional employees for a fixed term, especially seasonal, in areas such as: Transport and logistics, Constructions, Industry, Hospitality, Agriculture, Personal services, Hospital Relocation and call center.
Orizont Jobs helps its customers to focus on their core business, in search of new market opportunities and to strengthen their position by taking advantage of the flexibility and guarantees offered by this kind of leasing agreements in HR. In this way companies can use a part of their workforce in an unlimited, flexible, expert and precise way.

Global Jobs Srl

Global Jobs Srl is an agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria, authorized by the Bulgarian Ministry of Labor and Social Policies to offer selection, recruitment, training and human resource management services in support of all companies and start-ups in Italy or other Community countries. In addition, Global Jobs is responsible for assisting companies wishing to invest in the Bulgarian country by giving all the necessary support and expertise acquired in the field of accounting and legal administration for each constitutive and administrative segment that involves the setting up of a new production activity or services, by managing all the documentation which it has to be presented to the Bulgarian Public Offices.

Intermedia Srl

Intermedia Srl is a company based in Mestrino, Padua (Italy). The main activity consists in the consultancy and representation of foreign companies that have activities in Italy, by making available their experience on different fields such as logistics and transport, constructions, agriculture, industry, personal services or internal assistance, and above all services in Hospitality. In this last activity, Intermedia will shortly be involved as a contractor with important tour operators, in order to support primary activities within hotels or touristic villages as a reliable partner who, with his employees hired in Italy, will contribute to the growth and efficiency of the room, restaurant, kitchen, bar, reception, porterage, entertainment and beach services.

Inastra Global Services Srl

Inastra Global Services Srl is a company based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, which markets high quality Italian products in food, healthcare and technical fields, promotes marketing initiatives for the brands represented in Romanian country and has created a bridge between Italy and Romania, ideal for a fast supply of commercial products by weekly transport services for fresh, frozen, preserved and dry products and raw materials in general. Inastra Global services also has its own e-commerce platform for online sales www.dillymart.net

Orizont Recruiting SRL


Str. Episcop Nicolae Ivan, nr. 5-7, ap.1, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Mobil: +40 749.088.803
Tel. / Fax: +40 364.133.526
E-mail: info@orizontrecruiting-ro.com

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