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ORIZONT JOBS knows in-depth the labor market in its varied sectors and the need to quickly find the most various professional profiles.




Tourism - Hospitality

Tourism - Hospitality

Logistics & Transportation

Logistics & Transportation



Personal Services

Personal Services

Relocation & Call Centre

Relocation & Call Centre


ORIZONT JOBS knows in-depth the labor market in its varied sectors and the need to quickly find the most various professional profiles. ORIZONT JOBS's choice to fully comply with the rules of the construction sector makes it the partner of a system and not just a labor provider.

Our partnership is a point of strength for companies. It guarantees and protects them from every point of view, allowing savings in time and lower management costs.
How we work: our professional profiles:

  • Carpenter;
  • Steel bender;
  • Bricklayer;
  • Earthmoving machinery operator;
  • Crane operator;
  • Foreman;
  • Manual laborer;
  • Construction site assistant;
  • Assembler and crane service man;
  • Scaffolding assembler;
  • Miner;
  • Road layer;
  • Construction site manager;
  • Project Manager;
  • Tender expert;
  • Construction site accountant;
  • Construction site surveyor;
  • Quality and safety engineer;


ORIZONT JOBS is a leader in the selection and recruitment as well the provision of human resources qualified in the most varied economic sectors. Particularly in the industrial sector, it can recruit more or less specialized professionals ranging from unskilled workers to designers or engineers. And again: surveyors, technical experts, welders, metal workers, workers involved in the assembly of mechanical parts and/or in the assembly line.

Tourism - Hospitality

Contractual flexibility to overcome workload peaks during "high season", ample availability and specific qualifications are guaranteed. The holders of professional qualifications related to the sector, a hospitality degree or previous experience are those that ORIZONT JOBS selects with great care by offering the competitive advantage of trained staff for an "all inclusive" cost that even while taking into account the minimum wage requirements established by the law of the host country remains lower than that of the available workforce in the current Italian and/or European market, ensuring constant staff turnover. Contacting ORIZONT JOBS for the selection and provision of temporary specialized workers is a strategic and efficient choice to guarantee to the sector's operators the possibility to better focus on their company "core business" delegating to the agency all the bureaucratic, social security, insurance and training aspects.

The most requested professional profiles



The fundamental characteristics that ORIZONT JOBS guarantees in the search, selection and provision of a bartender are courtesy, aptitude for public relations, from greeting the client to the moment the client leaves, attention to the needs of anyone who is approaching the counter, quickness, accuracy in the service and product knowledge. Imagination and creativity are important in the preparation of cocktails, appetizers, sandwiches and snacks. Good knowledge of languages such as English, French, Italian is also guaranteed along with the ability to speak languages depending on specific requirements. Multi-lingual staff is available on request.

Dining room / floor waiter

The staff selected by ORIZONT JOBS can be employed in restaurants to serve clients in the dining room or as subordinate of the maître d’hôtel. Dining room waiters have knowledge of English, German, French, and Spanish. Floor waiters and cleaning staff are involved in maintenance of the hotel, rooms and cleaning. This figure guarantees accuracy, quickness, kindness, discretion and cordiality in relations with clients.

Chef - Maître and assistant cook

Cooks are professionals who cook in the restaurant, but also deal with the organization and preparation of the menu. A cook must be able to apply the basic techniques for the preparation of the dishes and decorations following dietary rules, which are fundamental for restoration; a cook must know local recipes and mainstream ones, whether national or international, depending on the work experience. In addition to technical knowledge and related qualifications, significant passion, imagination, creativity and discipline are required. This work is intense and tiring but it is certainly the best-paid and sought after in the sector. A Maître d’hôtel welcomes guests, advises them and takes orders. His task is to ensure good performance of table service and management of waiters. The kitchen also needs chefs, assistant cooks, dishwashers and kitchen helpers, the latter two also without experience, to assist the cook and make the work efficient.

ORIZONT JOBS selects the staff referred to above on the basis of very strict criteria because the professionalism and reliability of these figures and the image of the company depend on them.

Reception and concierge

A receptionist welcomes customers, performs administrative work and coordinates a variety of services. He must also keep updated the booking planning of the rooms and inform clients on the various hotel services. Of course, for this figure knowledge of foreign languages is mandatory as well as courtesy, discretion and availability in dealing with clients. There are different types of roles and certainly the one of night porter is the most sought after. This particular position has specific remuneration requirements based on shifts and work hours and, for this reason, contractual flexibility, management of bureaucracy, social security, insurance, training requirements delegated to the agency, human resource management and search for the most suitable figure, make the solutions proposed by ORIZONT JOBS even more advantageous in all respects.


Supply office personnel, cloakroom attendants and floor housekeepers.

Logistics & Transportation

ORIZONT JOBS management, with its many years of experience in the logistic field led to the creation of a professional company, leader in designing business solutions capable of optimizing the management of human resources and to provide support to port and inter-modal businesses, logistics providers, industrial companies with their in-house logistics department, consortia and cooperatives.

The competitive advantage of our company in this difficult sector is essentially the fact that we have been in turn entrepreneurs in the branch of logistics and large scale transport and directly involved in experiencing the problems inherent to the world of transport, among many others the difficulty of personnel management and the turn-over of the drivers in peak vacation periods or illness rather than the contractual and binding regulatory aspects.

If your company deals with transportation & logistics, and needs a driver for national or international transportation of various goods, special goods, tanks for liquids or bulk material with rotary valves, tippers, containers, Imo goods with ADR transportation, refrigerators even with the use of the double driver, ORIZONT JOBS is the flexible solution tailored for you.

And again:
  • A chauffeur "dedicated" to transfers or to accompany your customers or company managers available 24 hours a day;
  • A driver of trucks and bus, a warehouse manager, a manager of logistics services in general
The candidates we select and we put at your service:
  • Are highly motivated, multilingual and have knowledge of the basic elements about land and inter-modal transport (delivery notes, CMR, Incoterms, basic documentation of intermodal/maritime transport);
  • Good communication skills, attitude of true "problem solving"


The seasonality of jobs in the agricultural sector makes it difficult and expensive to hire skilled personnel for medium-long periods.

Why making use of ORIZONT JOBS's temporary employment services in the agricultural sector?

The basic reason to contact ORIZONT JOBS is the streamlined approach to meeting compliance requirements that a company is called to carry out, because, as mentioned, ORIZONT JOBS replaces the employer both from a contributory and social security aspect and from a compensatory aspect, associated to accidents in the workplaces, whose insurance coverage is paid entirely by ORIZONT JOBS to a leading insurance company, from simple daily allowance for hospitalization, due to fatal or non-fatal accident, and in the latter case, with partial, permanent or temporary disability, with a maximum coverage established by the signed insurance policy.

Our clients:
  • farmers,
  • pruners,
  • fruit and vegetable pickers,
  • wine-growers,
  • cattle breeders.

Personal Services

ORIZONT JOBS selects trains and employs competent domestic personnel as baby-sitters, caregivers, domestic helpers, housekeepers, valets, ironers, cooks, butlers, gardeners, and drivers in a serious and professional manner.

If you are seeking a full-time domestic helper, a day-by-day housekeeper, a part-time babysitter, a caregiver for the night, a domestic helper on call, you will be offered only referenced personnel in line with your needs. Hiring a domestic helper or caregiver has recently become an increasingly popular practice because work commitments no longer allow sufficient time to care for parents who are elderly or with mobility problems and not even to do housework the way it is supposed to be done.

Why does ORIZONT JOBS stands out in this sector respect to other operators?

The answer is very simple: ORIZONT JOBS is not a temporary agency but an agency for the selection, recruitment and provision of human resources; a single partner that replaces the employer, even for short periods, in all respects and at all times. Therefore, the social security and insurance contributions aspects that are often matter and source of disagreements and disputes are managed and regulated by the relationship between the agency and the Romanian worker or professional hired by the agency.

The savings that this type of agreement, fully governed by specific authorizations obtained by ORIZONT JOBS, offers the client are another point of strength.

Simply contact one of the managers present in Italy in the relevant areas in Romania to obtain an interview and a free, clear and comprehensive estimate, so you can see for yourself the financial benefits you may obtain.

The skills required and the selection of the staff which obviously change depending on the required positions, are strictly specific and are based on minimum requirements.

In the case of assistance to the elderly and sick or disabled individuals with serious disabilities, ORIZONT JOBS wishes to highlight its commitment in finding qualified personnel and the complexity of the type of assistance in this sector, which demands full training that cannot focus solely on technical and professional aspects.

In fact, the type of assisted persons: disabled or terminally ill, and the care setting-their home-requires human-psychological-spiritual and significant training by the operator.

To date, specialist training is entrusted to masters and courses that the professionals evaluated and selected by the Agency are required to perform.

Relocation & Call Centre

"Relocating" or moving the production of goods and services of companies located on the territory of a particular country to others, usually developing or in transition countries, is an important competitive tool whose worthy benefits are the reduction of production costs, the availability of low cost skilled labour and raw materials on site as well as the ability to create new market opportunities by taking advantage of the tax benefits that Romania offer to Italian and/or European entrepreneurship.


A complete package of consulting services for activity implementation, administrative and operational management of the business in the industrial or commercial sector of clients wishing to open an operating office in Romania: 
  • Establishment of the company in the name of the client;
  • Consulting to obtain the authorization required for its activities;
  • Search and selection of manufacturing and/or commercial spaces and consultancy for the rental/purchase of facilities or industrial warehouses for production;
  • Implementation of a feasibility plan;
  • Tax administration, accounting, legal and judicial assistance;
  • Workforce services: worker management, payments, wages, payrolls, personnel selection and recruitment;
  • Transport and logistics. Industrial manufacturing partnerships for industrial companies, manufacturing activities that include a significant amount of outsourced manual labor, assemblies of semi-finished and finished products in the mechanical, electromechanical, electrical and electronic sector.
  • We develop industrial activities in the mechanical and electromechanical sector, mainly manual assemblies with little impact on labor cost for our clients, based on a cooperation agreement;
  • All steps necessary to perform the activities are borne by us, from the organizational and logistical point of view to the organization of the assembly and production flow;
  • The components and semi-finished products, as well as the tools and devices needed for the assembly and production process are made available by the client;

Call Center

Establishing an internal call centre for your own company allows you to manage in a simple and direct manner the marketing and communication strategies to be implemented.

The decision to maintain this type of activity in house, first ensures a smooth and ongoing dialogue among all the departments involved, from the commercial to the marketing one up to the operational department of the call centre, with the ability to monitor the daily progress of the active campaigns and to act with an expertise which is characteristic of the company in the management of developing or extraordinary situations.

A call centre represents a centralized office, designed with the purpose to receive and perform a large number of telephone requests, to optimize costs, increasing and improving the company business.

ORIZONT JOBS is able to deliver outbound and inbound call centre services, client care, data entry or data recording, and it is available to professionals, small and medium-sized enterprises, up to large-sized companies.

In detail, what can ORIZONT JOBS offer?

  • Inbound call centre
  • Outbound call centre
  • Client Care
  • Market researches
  • Secretary's office
  • Back office
  • Data entry
Our team consists of a group of people with work and managerial experience capable to handle your needs in every sector and field.
  • Clear objectives to which all members of the group are committed;
  • Honest and open communication;
  • Cooperation in decision-making;
  • Atmosphere of trust;
  • Sense of belonging;
  • Good listening ability;
  • Participation by all members

ORIZONT JOBS offers all this through motivated people, always available, and it is the ideal answer to very complex assignments.

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