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Orizont Jobs

ORIZONT JOBS with offices in Romania is an agency for the selection, recruitment, training, provision, HR consulting and business services and complementary activities aimed at the development of the market labor.

The purpose of ORIZONT JOBS is to allow its customers to achieve a competitive advantage through analysis of the opportunities and economic benefits that the agency makes available: clear requirements, streamlined work, identification of market scenarios, dynamism and flexibility understood as the ability to change strategies in response to the changing conditions of risk/opportunity in order to enjoy a reduction of time and costs as well as improving services and products.

Orizont Recruiting

ORIZONT RECRUITING is a professional career counseling, job search, selection and support outplacement agency operating within the European Union and specifically within Romania, where it has its main offices and personnel.

Certified to offer employment services, ORIZONT RECRUITING is an operating partner for companies that need to delegate their employment recruiting and selection processes to a team of experts and professionals whose objective is to plan systematically the search for qualified professionals that match the organizational needs of any type of company.

Our Partners


Orizont Jobs SRL


Str. Episcop Nicolae Ivan, nr. 5-7, ap.1, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Mobil: +40 749.077.918
Tel. / Fax: +40 364 133 526

Orizont Recruiting SRL


Str. Episcop Nicolae Ivan, nr. 5-7, ap.1, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Mobil: +40 749.088.803
Tel. / Fax: +40 364.133.526

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